Envision a smooth pack with all the essentials at your fingertips!

A big move elicits all the feels — from anxiety and stress to new beginnings and a fresh start. Every move begins with packing up your belongings which calls for organization and all the right packing materials.

At Foothills Self-Storage, we specialize in storage units for the extra things that didn’t quite make it to your new home or office space! In today’s post, we’ll dive into packing items you can find at home to embark on your packing journey.

Packing Supplies Found at Home

There are many surprise costs when it comes to moving — from hiring a moving company right down to the babysitter to watch your little ones the day of the big move. Packing is no different, it seems straightforward, but in it, exists tiny hidden costs that add up. Instead, save money by using materials you already have.

Trash Bags

Trash bags are great for a myriad of things when packing and generally can be used for trash after the move!

Use trash bags to:

  • Cover your furniture — this can protecting your dining room chairs or even a small end table.
  • Protect breakables – If you have an extensive teapot collection or things that are prone to break, trash bags cannot only wrap these items, but also provide a cushion when they’re all snug in a box.

Old Clothes

If you’ve already gone through and purged closets, hang on to some old t-shirts to assist in the move. Old shirts are great for protecting valuable items and dusting and cleaning off items before or following the move. So, hang onto old clothing and donate them later!


Before your big move, begin collecting and saving the newspaper. Again, similar to the items above, it is superb for wrapping fragile items up in and lining any boxes or bins to help add protection.