A majority of people rent storage unit space, for just that — extra storage. Once they no longer need self-storage, the unit is vacated — but what about those who abandon their storage rentals?

At Foothills Self Storage, though we’ve never made a list of the most interesting or odd things found in a storage unit, we’ve seen our fair share of collections! Join us in this curious and peculiar post as we explore the strangest things found in a storage unit.

A Modern Day Treasure-Chest? Storage Unit Oddities

There are over 50,000 vacated storage units, and really that’s shocking! This can happen if the unit goes unpaid for some time, or in some cases, if someone just needs to skip town! Find out below some of the most bizarre items found.

A Leg – The Human Variety!

What happens when you purchase a barbeque smoker and house it in a storage unit and then have to abandon it? The storage unit owner finds a human leg… in the smoker!

A Dead Body

A Florida family found their deceased grandmother’s remains in a storage unit. There were issues with rainstorms and a broken truck to bury the body, so grandma ended up in a storage unit.

An Intruder (But Not a Very Smart One)

Imagine entering your storage unit only to find a burglar trapped inside? The burglar left the door propped open during the attempted burglary, but a security guard saw the open door and shut and locked it — locking the burglar inside!

A Near Perfect 1966 Shelby Mustang

The person who was appointed to clean out this storage was incredibly lucky, to say the least! Amidst a mountain of scattered belongings stored towards the back was a 1966 Shelby Mustang! The car was stored for 26 years, so needless to say it was in mint condition!

Numerous Body Parts

This would normally be odd and creepy, but the owner of the storage unit was a former medical examiner that stored body parts performed in private autopsies. The parts ranged from lungs, brains, hearts, and many tissue samples.

Houston, We’ve Got a Problem

Imagine bidding $1,500 and winning a storage unit that contained a NASA countdown clock and a rocket — the items were looked at for authentication, and yes, they were real! Needless to say, they were sold for much more than $1,500!

Storage units are usually harmless places where people store common items, it’s every now and then that you find a storage unit with such oddities!

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