Furniture is expensive so it’s important to consider the safest environment to place it in while in a storage unit.

Many storage units come climate-controlled to help keep your belongings in good condition while they’re being stored, and while many argue that in for short-term use you don’t necessarily need a climate-controlled storage unit, but for any prolonged storage it’s important to keep an ambient temperature so as to not add any additional wear and tear to the furniture.  

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Storing Furniture

Furniture is built to endure — built to endure kids roughhousing, pets snuggling up, and years of fun, relaxed times entertaining guests and watching your favorite movies. What it wasn’t necessarily designed for is extreme temperatures — especially damp and cold basements or sun-drenched sitting rooms, really any place that has extreme temperature fluctuations.  

If you plan to store your furniture for more than a few months, it may be worthwhile to explore the benefits of a climate-controlled storage unit. Let’s examine a couple of factors that play into the safety and preservation of your furniture in storage units. 


Upholstered Furniture

Upholstered furniture is cozy and comfy, but it’s also quite susceptible to collecting moisture and foul odors if left in a humid and non-climate controlled storage unit. To keep your upholstered unit from molding and smelling bad, consider choosing a storage unit that is climate controlled.  

If a climate-controlled storage unit is unavailable or out of your budget, a simple trick is to tightly wrap the furniture in a breathable fabric — cotton works well. Unlike plastic, cotton allows airflow preventing excess moisture. The most cost-effective solution is draping the furniture in old sheets. 


Antique Furniture

If you have beautiful antique furniture, typically wood, it’s vital to protect it while it’s being stored. Sure it has stood the test of time, but that’s not to say there’s not a little humidity or overly dry environment that won’t ruin such a timeless piece! 

Swelling and shrinking are what happens to wood that isn’t stored properly. If there is too much moisture the wood will swell and if there is not enough is will shrink. To make matters worse, if it goes back and forth between the two it will cause cracks and other irreparable damage.  

It is advised that antique wood furniture be stored in an environment of 55% humidity at a constant temperature.  

This is where a climate-controlled space is imperative and the only other solution, if you can’t store it in a controlled climate, is to try and find room in your home or get good insurance on it. 


There are many more factors to consider when it comes to a climate-controlled storage unit beyond upholstered and antique furniture. Stay tuned for additional information in part two! 


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