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Conveniently Located ♦ Secure ♦ Clean ♦ Competitive Rates

Northern Colorado’s Premier Self Storage

Foothills Self Storage provides thoughtful and note-worthy customer care in a storage facility with a broad range of available storage unit sizes that are clean and secure. Access us from major highways ( HWY 287, HWY 34, and I-25) and from major Northern Colorado cities including Loveland and Fort Collins.

Foothills Self Storage
4009 North Grant Ave.
Loveland, CO, 80538
Phone: 970-669-9520

Our Commitment to You

Know that your belongings are safe and protected around the clock.

Access your belongings, pay your bill, and talk to someone in person.

Keeping a tidy storage facility site not only looks great but is just another safeguard in protecting your things.

We have the best team serving residents of Loveland and Fort Collins, just read all of our five-star reviews!

Store large things such as boats and RVs or rent space for smaller items such as furniture.

A storage solution for everyone in Loveland and South Fort Collins!

Life happens whether we’re prepared or not, and Foothills Self Storage has your back in all of the transitions of life. You may be in-between moving from one home to another and need a place to store your things or a separation may have left you needing a quick place to land your belongings.

Perhaps you have a boat or RV and need a long-term storage unit, or you have seasonal equipment that you like to swap out (skis, watersports, etc) and need a place you can quickly access your items.

Downsizing is something college kids become all too familiar with! From the first day moving into the dorms to sharing a house with six of your closest friends, space is often limited. Located between two major universities — Colorado State University (CSU) and the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) — and local community colleges including Aims and Front Range, Foothills Self Storage is your premier location for convenient storage unit access.

Many people have a wide variety of collections and hobbies that need safe keeping! Whether you love tinkering on vintage cars and need a place for spare parts or deal antiques, a storage unit is a great option for collections and hobbies.

If you’re running a small business you’re likely doing everything out of your home or small office! And, if you have inventory it can quickly overwhelm a space! Create more room and store inventory or other small business odds and ends with us.

Five-Star reviews over three notable platforms!

Loveland Self Storage

Known as the Sweetheart City or Gateway to the Rockies, Loveland, CO is 46 miles north of the Colorado State Capitol in Denver, situated in-between surrounding Northern Colorado communities such as Fort Collins, Berthoud, Greeley, Estes Park, Windsor, Johnstown, and Eaton.

With easy access points to all major highways — I-25, US-34, US-287, and State Highway 402 — our Loveland self storage facility is the perfect central location for all of your storage unit needs.

Choose Foothills Self Storage for all of your Loveland self storage accommodations!

The city of Loveland has some of the best recreational lakes Colorado has to offer including Lake Loveland, Boyd Lake, and Carter lake. Storing your boat at Foothills Self Storage creates greater access to these lakes without all the hassle of towing it around weekend after weekend. Simply drive into our Loveland storage facility, pick up your boat and be on your way to a day of fun in the water!

To make our central Loveland storage location even sweeter, we have propane — making Foothills Self Storage in Loveland a stress-free storage option for summer fun! You can get in, get out, and on your way!

Central Loveland Location

Foothills Self Storage is centrally located near many central neighborhoods, shopping areas, hiking and biking paths, surrounding parts of Loveland including the downtown area, The Olde Course golf course, and is in close proximity to South Fort Collins.

Our location is the best Loveland self storage facility within the city — you don’t have to drive to one that is on the outskirts or outside the actual city — it’s accessible without having to drive clear across town (we all know how traffic is these days!) and is nestled at the heart of Loveland.

Why is it so important to have a centrally located Loveland self storage facility?

Having a storage unit within Loveland city limits and near an abundance of businesses and neighborhoods enhances the storage location’s safety. While some might argue that there are more people wandering by and increased traffic that could potentially lead to criminal mischief, this is exactly the opposite.

Because there are more homes and businesses there are more people around to identify any safety issues. And, many businesses, including our own, have security systems that can be reviewed and reported to police of any suspicious behavior.

Having a Loveland self storage facility in the middle of nowhere is bad for business. Not only can people easily commit crimes in that area because no one is around, but it’s quiet, making it an ideal spot for criminal activity.

At Foothills Self Storage, we are within the bustling city of Loveland in a safe, secure, and protected storage facility with friendly neighbors and businesses, where we’re always looking out for each other, which only improves the security!


State-of-the-Art Storage Solutions

Don’t simply choose a Loveland self storage facility because it looks good enough or because you found it in a hurry, choose Foothills Self Storage because we offer state-of-the-art-storage solutions for a broad range of items, and not an outdated alternative.

State-of-the-Art Self Storage


Outdated Self Storage

Enhanced Fire Protection

At our Loveland self storage facility we have constructed our units with concrete block walls, concrete floors, and fire-resistant drywall on the ceiling.

No Fire Protection

An outdated storage facility hasn’t updated its protection against fire damage, leaving storage units vulnerable to fire.

Steel Roll-Up Doors

Steel roll-up doors provide added safety to the storage units in general, better warding off criminal activity, but they also keep those who are within the storage facility perimeters, safer.

Minimal to no entrance doors

If you see a storage facility without doors or very minimal security to the entrance, this is a huge red flag. It indicates people can freely come and go — whether they have a storage unit or not — and that’s an issue.

Fortress-Like Security

At Foothills Self Storage, we have fortress-like security — a barrier within a barrier offering different levels of security at each checkpoint. From our steel roll-up doors and high, barb-wire topped fence to LED lights, security cameras, and 24/7 on-site management, if you’re not a storage unit tenant, our Loveland storage facility is extremely difficult to infiltrate!

Low Barrier Protection

A storage unit site with little to no barriers is a security concern. If there is not a secured perimeter, it’s time to find a new storage unit!

High Ceilings

Ceiling heights are a huge feature that needs to be considered when looking into renting a storage unit — a unit with eight-foot ceilings is much smaller than those with 10-foot ceilings, and some storage facilities don’t necessarily disclose this. Get higher ceilings, thus more room, in our Loveland self storage facility.

Standard Ceilings

Don’t be fooled by storage locations stating they have the largest storage unit spaces in town, but only have standard eight-foot ceilings — you’re missing additional space through a higher ceiling!

Self Storage Variety

Everyone has something a little different to store, and we take this into consideration at Foothills Self Storage in Loveland. We have a variety of storage units that hold personal items such as skis, furniture, business records, and mattresses all the way up to a unit that can accommodate furnishings of a four to five bedroom home. Additionally, we have storage units for RVs and boats.

Only One Size of Storage Units

Here the adage, one size fits all, certainly does not apply. If a storage facility only has one size of unit, you’re missing out on extra space you may need in the future.

Locally Owned and Operated

Our Loveland self storage facility has been locally owned and operated for over three decades — there is no middle person or company you have to deal with. If you have any questions or concerns you’ll work with us directly.

Managed By a Third Party

Encountering a self storage facility that is managed by a third party is bad news. There are multiple people you may have to work with and they oftentimes don’t have an idea what’s going on at the ground level, which can become a huge security issue.

Diverse Billing Options

We know that not everyone needs long-term storage, so we offer both month-to-month rates and annual prices. In addition, we make paying your bill easy, with options to pay both in-person or online. Connect with us and learn about our in-house specials!

One Billing Option

Only having one billing option is extremely unaccommodating and can be more expensive than those that offer a variety of options.

Ample Five-Star Reviews

Our tenants love our Loveland self storage site and have left us amazing five-star reviews over trusted platforms such as Google, Top-Rated Local®, and Yelp, stating how much they love the cleanliness, safety, customer care, and competitive rates that we offer.

Little to No Reviews/Not Five-Star

With little to no reviews, how do you know the storage facility you’re thinking of renting from? You really don’t. When you can read what current and former customers are saying about the business, you get a better picture of the quality of the storage facility and this is invaluable information in this day and age.

South Fort Collins Self Storage

At Foothills Self Storage, we are a prime location for residents and businesses near South Fort Collins. Because of the rapid growth Fort Collins has seen, getting from one end of town to another can take upwards of 30 to 45 minutes depending on the time of day!

Don’t let Fort Collins traffic be a time burglar, your time is precious! Find the ease and convenience of a self storage facility near South Fort Collins.

Even five years ago, the housing influx between South Fort Collins and North Loveland didn’t exist — it was still wide, open spaces. Today, housing developments are in high demand and many new housing communities are being developed, making for a South Fort Collins self storage all the more sought after.

Now, the transition of moving into one of these new communities is so much more convenient with self storage near South Fort Collins! Make your move hassle-free with accessible storage solutions.

What other perks come with South Fort Collins self storage?

With Horsetooth Reservoir being one of the leading Colorado reservoirs for water sports — boating, SUP, swimming, and more — you need a storage facility with quick accessibility where you can swing in and pick up your boat and all the items you need for a fun day at Horsetooth!

Our self storage facility near South Fort Collins is ideal for just this! We make it incredibly easy to pick up your boat for a day (or long weekend) or even your RV (they have camping!) and be right on your way!

We have both boat and RV storage, in addition to a variety of storage units that can house jet skis, SUPs, kayaks, tubes, and all the essential water gear that takes up far too much space in your home garage!

Beyond Horsetooth Reservoir, South Fort Collins has an extensive network of mountain biking trails including Coyote Ridge and Horsetooth Mountain Park.

If you’re a mountain bike aficionado, you probably have multiple bikes you take out, and if you’re a college student or live in a small space, mountain bikes take up a lot of space! With our help, you can store all of your mountain bikes and gear nearby in our South Fort Collins self storage facility.

We’re your South Fort Collins storage solution for all of your outdoor and recreational activities!

We know how important the great outdoors are to Coloradoans, which is why we’re an extension of your home! Store all of your rock climbing gear, road bikes, skis and snowboards, ice hockey, ATVs, fishing equipment, or whatever sport you love in a storage unit near South Fort Collins!

Don’t waste any more of your precious time commuting from one side of town to another, and have all of your storage needs met at our convenient self storage location near South Fort Collins where you can store all your outdoor and recreation equipment!

Locally owned and operated for over 40 years!

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