At Foothills Self Storage, it is easy and convenient to fill any vehicle such as a truck, boat, food truck, or construction equipment at our propane filling station. At other typical storage facilities you are able to store your goods, but at Foothills, we make your experience that much better! Find out how to properly fill your propane tank. Or, you can also ask an on-site staff person anytime!


Before you fill, check a couple of things first:


  • Observe the tank – Check for any dents or dings to the propane cylinder, or any rusted areas. Inspect the opening and the lid for any blemishes or leakage issues.


  • Observe the date – propane cylinders are good for 12 years. So, if your tank is stamped “12/05” it’s out of date; anything after, and it’s still good. If it is no longer within the 12 year range, go to a propane dealer and make an exchange.


  • Weigh your tank – before you fill your tank, always weigh it to account for the propane that may already be in there. This not only saves you a little money, but it also ensures that you won’t overfill the tank. Look for the “TW” initials that are stamped on the tank, this will give you the tank’s weight when it is empty.


In part two, we’ll go into detail about how to fill your tank.


Fill any tank at Foothils Self Storage

Experience the ease of filling your propane tank, while picking up your stored vehicle! You can simply fill up and be on your way to a Labor Day or Memorial Day celebration!