Life is notorious for giving you lemons — right when you think everything is smooth sailing, you’ll get a flat tire or trip on the shoes you thought you put away and break a toe! Life comes at you fast and oftentimes unexpectedly.

At Foothills Self Storage, we know how unpredictable life can be. If you need storage solutions in a storage facility that not only has onsite management and security cameras but some of the most competitive rates in Northern Colorado, you’ll want to stop by today! Follow along in today’s post, and discover how our storage solutions can help you out in the in-between!

The In-Between

If you’ve ever been in transition, you know what the in-between is. The in-between is a place where things are happening but you’re really not quite sure on what is going to happen. The in-between can occur in many different life-situations such as:

  • Divorce
  • Birth
  • Death
  • Looking for a house
  • Graduating college

Divorce is something we all hope we never experience, but many of us go through. If you’ve shared a life with someone for a good number of years, you’ve likely accumulated a lot stuff — stuff that you’re not sure what to do with yet. While you’re figuring out how to split assets, renting a storage unit is a great place to store your items. You can store anything from an RV to the antiques you’ve collected over the years.

Welcoming a new baby is an exciting time, but perhaps you’re in a smaller space than originally imagined and you need to make room for the baby, and quickly! You may have a spare room, but maybe it’s being used as storage or a “catch-all” room! Clear the clutter and use your nesting prowess for the baby and rent a storage unit. Store all of your random craft items or unused furniture in the storage unit and start the birth of your child off right!

Perhaps you’ve recently experienced loss and have to go through task of cleaning out and sorting through the person’s belongings, or you may need to sell their house stat but don’t know what to do with all of the things not being included in the estate sale. For all the items you’re not selling, consider a storage rental. A storage unit makes it easy to sort and separate everything without having to figure out where and how to store it. Death is difficult enough, so make the process easier on yourself and other family members.

Have you ever been in the in-between where your rental lease ended and you’re planning on buying a house but are staying with your parents in the meantime? Or, did you just graduate college and are traveling the world for the next six months, but your parents refuse to house your belongs? In both situations, a storage unit is ideal. You can store all your items while being respectful and mindful of your parents’ space.

The in-between can be difficult because you’re wading through the unknown whether it’s through a divorce, birth, death, and moving back in with your parents. Or, making the leap and traveling internationally for six months after your college graduation, but you’ll always make it through because storing your belongings at Foothills Self Storage makes it effortless. Free up your time and energy and find storage solutions with us in the in-between!

Embrace the in-between times in your life and consider a storage unit to make this time as uncomplicated as it can be!

For the best storage facility in Northern Colorado, call us at Foothills Self Storage today!