Because living in your storage rental is prohibited by local and federal housing laws!


Storage units can be a lifesaver — they offer you reprieve in the in-between of many life transitions — from relationships ending, moving to a new state, and going to college, to welcoming a new baby or outgrowing your current space. They’ve got your back!


At Foothills Self Storage, we’re your local storage facility that offers a variety of storage unit sizes including storage for RV and boats and even a propane station! Learn more about storage unit regulations in today’s post! 

What You Need to Know About Storage Unit Regulations


A storage unit is a great space and for some, it may even be enticing to set up as a little studio apartment, but as we alluded to earlier, you can’t actually live in your storage unit! Not only does it break local and federal housing laws, but it’s a liability issue and would likely affect the insurance policy. 


There are many safety issues and can raise health and sanitation issues, to which local authorities have made it clear that it’s illegal to live in a space that’s not zoned for residential living, thus a storage facility!


Why else is it frowned upon?


There is no natural light. 


Light is essential to our physical and mental wellbeing, without it we may suffer from low vitamin D levels and increased emotional disturbances. 


Storage units lock from the outside.


A storage unit looks like a garage but it doesn’t open, close, or lock like one. The doors roll open and lock from the outside. If someone is living within and fails to lock it, there is a high chance they could be locked in as a result of management walking the premises and ensuring that all units are safely locked and secured.   


Storage units do not have plumbing or running water. 


Running water and plumbing is essential to modern life and without this, there are very limited options for using the bathroom and bathing, which then becomes a health and sanitation issue. 


Cooking in the storage unit is a fire hazard.


There is little to no ventilation in a storage unit, making it extremely hazardous to cook on a stove, burner, or grill within it exposing you to toxic fumes or potentially causing a fire. 


Apart from living in your storage unit, there are other regulations that need to be followed, including:


Housing animals – For many of the same reasons it’s illegal to live a storage unit, it’s also prohibited to kennel any type of animal — even a weekend boarding your dog or cat comes with some hefty animal cruelty charges. 


Firearms and other explosives – Whether it’s a gun, fireworks, or explosives, it’s against the law to store these items. If anything goes wrong and your storage unit blows up, not only do you face significant fines, you’ll likely spend time in jail. 


Stolen goods – This is a no-brainer but in case any criminals are reading this, just don’t store stolen goods in your storage unit. 


While a large majority of our storage unit patrons follow the rules and regulations, it’s always good to refresh the regulations!