Because growth for a small business is good! 

Navigating a growing business is an exciting time — your revenue is increasing which affords you many more opportunities, yet you may be outgrowing your space! What do you in the in-between?

At Foothills Self Storage, we are a storage facility in Loveland here to support your business! Join us in today’s post as we explore the many ways we can support your business!

Can A Storage Facility Really Support My Business?!

It sounds a little odd, after all, what does a storage unit have to do with business? A storage facility actually has a lot to do with your business, let’s talk more about it below. 

Is your business drowning in paper?!

While technology has cut back a lot on our use of paper, many businesses still heavily rely on it — from invoices to employee files — it can stack up quite rapidly! And in this transitory period, where do you house all your boxes of paper? 

Create more room and store your paper in a storage unit! 

Office Furniture And Supply Storage

Whether you’re updating your office or you’ve collected random furniture over the years, don’t keep a cluttered office and put some of it away in storage. 

If you’re customer-facing, a cluttered business is bad for business! First impressions set the tone for sales and if you have things crammed in corners or just not enough room for all the furniture, it’s time to create more room, and the best way is to put it into storage. 

Ecommerce business? We can help too!

Even if you’re not a brick and mortar store a storage facility can still help your business! If you sell products and you walk a fine line between not keeping a stocked inventory because you don’t have space and having too much and it taking over all your spare bedrooms, find the balance in a storage unit to keep an ideal amount of product o hand! 

Short-Term Storage


As your small business begins to grow in size and you’re adding new employees, you may find yourself running out room and having to clear out space to accommodate new people. This is a perfect time to take the belongings in that space and pack them up for short-term storage in a storage unit. Maybe it’s a hodgepodge of things that were just taking up space or perhaps it was your storage room, whatever it’s being repurposed for, store the new things in a storage unit. 


And, when you move into a larger business space, you can use the storage rental for a variety of things as you transition your business — it’s a multi-purpose storage facility!


An Alternative To Warehouse Space


Warehouse space is expensive, and, it can be difficult to find this unique type of real estate — business and warehouse. If you’re not looking to pay a premium for this type of mixed space, a storage unit is a great alternative! It’s likely a more affordable option, until you’re ready to take the leap into a business park that offers both office and warehouse space.   


There are so many beneficial uses for storage units that will help you in your business endeavors. 

For more information about the storage units we have available, connect with us today!