We don’t have robots (yet) to do all the heavy lifting, but if you’re ready to make the leap and move, there are many apps that can help!


Preparing for any kind of move is stressful, not to mention even before the move when you have to coordinate a place to live and clearing the clutter!


At  Foothills Self Storage in Loveland, we are here to assist you before and after your move! If you have a house that you’ve comfortably settled into but one that you’re moving out of and need a place for extra items, we offer that extra space. Join us as we explore the different apps and technology you can use to help make this time less stressful.

Make Moving Easy!


People have strong opinions about technology, but if it can make your move little easier, why not try them out. Read all about them below.


Listing Sites


Perhaps you have your heart set on a specific destination — you’ve secured a job but not a place. Listing sites such as Redfin and Zillow are great resources to use to help you find places to buy or rent and get a better idea of where they are in your new city.


Organization Apps


Apps such as Sortly and wunderlist help you plan and organize your move. Ditch having to print out moving checklists and errands you have to run, and download an app that keeps everything in one place. Not only that, once you have all your things organized and ready to go, Sortly gives you an option to create printable QR labels (barcodes) that you can then scan and get all the information you need from that specific box.


Moving Companies With Apps


When you’re looking into who to hire for your move, it may be worth it to check if they offer a moving app. Larger moving companies have apps where you can track your move which is handy if you have an international or cross country move.


Decluttering Apps


So, you’re trying your best to Marie Kondo it, are you?! If you’re looking to declutter while earning some extra cash, ThredUp and LetGo are two sites that you can list your items for online consignment.  


Home Repairs


Does your current or future home require repairs? Finding industry professionals can be a tough, arduous process. Luckily, there are apps such as TaskRabbit and Thumbtack that can find the professionals for you!


Moving is draining which is why there are sites and apps that can help you in this process — lean on them to reclaim your time and even money!


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