Attention college students! Summer break may almost be over, but you can still stay organized with a storage unit in Loveland!


One of the perks of being a college student is that you work tirelessly the entire school year to be rewarded with a couple of months off in the summer. And, if you’re still in the dorms, this is a delight — no more roommate, no more sharing, and back to your hometown where you can relax! But, what do you do with all your stuff?


At Foothills Self Storage in Loveland, we can support the in-betweens of life and give you space to put your things. Follow along in today’s blog as we look at how a college student can use a self-storage unit to their advantage!

Self Storage Helps College Students!


With all the breaks college students take over the year, these moving costs compound over time. It may only begin with them moving all their stuff at the end of their freshman year when they’re transitioning into a house with friends, or they may move every summer. 


Their lives are up in the air, but their things don’t have to be! Getting a self-storage unit may be the best investment for you — their parents or caregiver — to better keep them and your own home organized. 


So, why get a storage unit? Let’s dig in below!


It saves everyone’s sanity (not to mention time and money)!


Because there is winter break, spring break, and summer break, this leaves a lot of breaks during the year to have to move things, and if they have to get a moving company every time, this adds up. 


Why not find a self-storage facility close to campus where they can unload all the stuff they don’t need? This is an easy way to keep belongings safely locked up and not have to transport in the car when they come home. 


It makes dorm life easier.


Most students have to pack up and leave during breaks and students aren’t allowed to leave their things, therefore, they have to take a majority of their things with them. A storage unit is worth having because they can pack up the things they don’t need for the break and store it in a secure storage facility. 


It’s also a great place to store valuable items that you don’t want just lying around the dorm, especially if they’re gone for a weekend. 

A storage unit saves you room!


One of the biggest complaints on empty nesters is that when their kids do come home, they bring a car full of stuff, and where does that stuff go? Likely your home! One thing college students are good at is cluttering up your space! 


When they have a storage unit they can put their stuff in, it leaves your home spacious and free from the tornado of stuff they bring home. 


Storage units benefit students and parents in the Loveland, Greeley, Fort Collins, and Boulder area by saving everyone’s sanity, making dorm life easier, and keeping your home clutter-free!

For more information on the storage units we have available in your area, reach out to us today!