Safely store all of your outdoor equipment at a local self-storage facility! 


Whether you’re a Colorado native or a transplant, there is a good reason why you ended up in the beautiful state of Colorado, namely the gorgeous area of Northern Colorado! With outdoor activities you can participate in year-round, there is no shortage of stoke here!


At Foothills Self Storage in Loveland, we are the perfect self-storage facility to house all of your adventure equipment! Join us in today’s post as we explore all the great things a storage unit can offer those who love the great outdoors!

Store Your Adventure Equipment In a Storage Facility!


There are many fair-weather outdoor fitness enthusiasts, but then there are those who brave everything Mother Nature throws to enjoy the wild wilderness of Colorado! And as you’re probably all too familiar, that comes with a lot (and we mean A LOT) of outdoor gear! 


And where do you store this abundance of outdoor fun? If your bike has become a regular part of your home decor, it’s time to invest in a storage unit!


But, how do you know you have too much outdoor equipment? Well, the truth is, you can never have too much, but you can have enough that you need a storage facility to help free up some space! 


Does this sound like you:


A bike for all seasons – Let’s see you may have a road bike for the spring and summer, a cyclocross bike for fall competitions, and a mountain bike for the winter as you trudge through the snow on your morning commute! And, then there is everything that comes with them — panniers and fenders for your bike commute, a bike stand for races, pumps, and spare tires! It becomes a lot and can easily overcrowd your home. After all, how many bikes do you really need?!