Storage rental units are, most likely, pretty standard from one facility to another. Foothills Self Storage does differentiate itself from other companies in that they strive to continually add more space and security, and that they’re paving the way in being 100 percent LED and green energy efficient!

So, Foothills Self Storage is different, but are the contents inside the facility different? Here’s a small list of unique things you could store in their facility!

Wine storage – are you a sommelier that has too much wine?! Store your liquid gold in a temperate unit with us!

At-home gym – Don’t have room in at your house or apartment for all your equipment, and still need a place to work out? Set up a makeshift gym in one of our units! You’ll never have an excuse to not work out again!

Art gallery – Are you an artist without a gallery? Create your own gallery space and bring a modern, industrial vibe by having a show in storage rental! This space will truly have an artsy feel!

No matter what you choose to store, whether it be a unique art collection or overflow items from your house, choose Foothills Self Storage for all your self-storage needs!