In our last blog, we covered the first set of tips on how to properly store temperature-sensitive items. If you’re storing your belongings in a long-term storage rental unit, it is wise to protect them and educate yourself in what you can do to avoid unnecessary and costly damage.


How to properly store items


Wood and leather furniture – The best considerations to take with these items are to disassemble them as much as possible, and wrap and store the pieces in a box. If this is not doable, wrap and protect the furniture with bubble wrap, old towels, blankets, or other fabric materials.


  • Books – Humidity, too high or too low, is a huge factor to consider when storing books. High humidity can cause mold growth and too low humidity can make for dry, brittle pages. When you store your books, clean and dust them off before they’re stored indefinitely. For extra care, you can also wrap your most loved books in cloth or paper towels. Once the books are cleaned and wrapped, place them in a box, preferably one that is acid-free; plastic tubs work quite well.


  • Appliances and electronics – If you have the original packaging for the appliances or electronics hanging around, this is the best way to store these items long-term. If you don’t, no sweat! Store each piece in bubble wrap and place it in a box. If have a lot of smaller items, you can place their individual boxes within one larger box. And as always, label the box or stick a note on the bubble wrap for better organization.


  • Instruments – Clean and dust off the instrument before storage, and if it’s available, store it in a hard case. If you have a woodwind instrument, think about placing tissue between the pads to prevent them from getting sticky. Wrap any loose pieces in fabric, and place it in a box.


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