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In part one of this series, we briefly touched on ways to better organize your storage unit when you have to frequently be in and out and moving things around. In today’s post, we’ll go into more depth about how to organize your storage unit for an ever-turning space to find things quickly.

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The System

It’s important to create a whole system when you frequently need items from your storage unit. A simple system is creating a list that corresponds with the number on your storage bin (always be sure to clearly write the number on the box) — you’ll keep the list and store the bin. This way you know that in storage bin #4 you know you have x,y, and z items.


Most people label their storage bins, but oftentimes it is not consistent on each bin. Consistency is key when it comes to labeling your boxes. This way, when you’re looking for your holiday decorations, you know the label is on the narrow side and in red tape that signifies miscellaneous items — see how easy that would be to find?! Or, if you know you have storage bins that you’ll need to access more often, store them towards the front and put them in a category of their own.


Shelving is important for organizing as it is for protecting your items. Store important, priceless items high on the shelves (if you don’t need to access them any time soon) to protect them from potential water damage, though this should hopefully never be an issue.

Leave Room

Typically, when it comes to packing a storage unit you want to pack it full to the brim. But on the other hand, if you’re going to be in and out of it frequently, it’s important to leave yourself some room. Instead of stuffing boxes and plastic tubs everywhere, leave a path. When you create a path for both you and more items (if you have to add to your unit), you can walk and around freely and locate what you need and easily store more items!  

Think Vertically

A lot of space is missed above because we don’t think about the vertical space. If you can safely store items in this manner, it will greatly make more room and provide a better access point to grab much-needed items!

Upgrade to a Bigger Storage Unit

Do you need more room to breathe and is your storage unit feeling a little cramped? This may be the perfect time to upgrade to a larger storage unit with more room. Not only are you getting more space, but you’ll have more room to access your belongings more quickly. The only downside is you have to move storage units — but, you’re a pro at this by now, right?!

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