Hello, Loveland!

We here at Foothills Self Storage can help you clear the clutter in your house. It’s summer time and that means cleaning, rearranging, and deciding what stays and what goes. Let us make the decision easier with our storage units that you can securely store your valuables and items that you are not ready to get rid of yet. We have storage units of various sizes so you are sure to find the one that fits your needs. You can reclaim your garage without building a shed. Go ahead, park your car in the garage like you are supposed to once you get your nonessentials in an affordable storage unit. There will even be enough room to store those boxes that have leaked into your house. You will be able to use all that extra room now. We have published lots of helpful information on our blog about the advantages of utilizing a storage unit for yourself. If you would like more information on getting the right storage unit for your needs, you can read the previous posts from our blog as references. If you would like to read beyond the short excerpts we have provided below, simply click on the link for that blog post.

Loveland Foothills Self Storage

Foothills Self Storage is located in Loveland, Colorado. We are Loveland’s premier self storage units. We have more than just garage units to offer. We offer RV and camping trailer storage for those who need and want it.

Foothills Self Storage in Loveland, CO Stores Cars, Boats and RV’s!

No matter what you need stored, Foothills Self Storage can take care of it all. Whether you need to store a little or a lot, our storage facility has a room that is just what you are looking for. For personal belongings, we offer a small yet suitable 5’x5’x10′ storage room. For storing something larger like RV’s or boats, we have larger bays that will accommodate your vehicles perfectly.