If you’re one of the lucky homeowners that have a vacation home that you frequent, you might run into the problem of storing certain items, one of which might be your boat. When it comes to storing your boat, it can be an uneasy feeling to leave it behind. But because you’re off to Europe for the summer, it’s actually the safest option to choose boat storage. Here’s why:

With Foothill Boat Storage you get the benefit of:

  • 24 hours Surveillance – We understand just how uneasy it can make you feel to not have your boat on your own property. But think about it this way. You’re going to be away from your regular residence for more than three months. That’s three months of unsurveyed time for your boat. Who know’s what damages or theft could occur.
  • Weather safe storage – If you’re familiar with Colorado weather, you know just how stormy it can get around here, by using the self-storage for your boat at Foothills storage, you get protection from the elements.
  • Security – As is surveillance wasn’t enough, you also get the benefit of knowing that there is a responsible employee keeping their eyes on things, making sure the premises aren’t being burgled or vandalized.

Before going away on your summer vacation in Europe, be sure to utilize boat storage for your nautical equipment. Take care of your items while you’re gone, by entrusting them to the space at Foothill Self Storage. Not only will you reap the benefits dependable storage units, but you’ll also get to have peace of mind while you vacation in a foreign land. To book your boat storage, call the professionals at our self-storage units in Loveland today.