This is Building C again at Foothills Self Storage in Loveland. We are going to do a blog round-up of our favorite blog posts as a reminder for our veteran readers and a summary for our newbies. There’s lots of great information in blog round-ups, so read up and reminisce.

Last month, we posted a run-down of the items you could fit in our units with our 10-foot ceiling:

“There are all kinds of reasons to rent self storage units in Loveland these days. Use me to store your seasonable possessions, like tools, patio furniture, and other equipment. Your antiques and collectibles will be safe within my walls too. If you have any extra clothing, furniture, or electronics that you don’t have a place for right now, then I’m here for you. I’m also perfect for all those file boxes, office equipment, and office decorations that you may not need year-round.”

We also gave you some winter storage tips for your car:

“First, remember that your number one enemy is moisture. To keep it at bay, make sure your fuel tank is full before dropping it off. While your car burns fuel, the tank drains and gas gets pumped through the fuel lines to the carburetor or injectors. When the fuel level drops, moisture can form on the inside of the tank walls. The moisture can react with the steel of the tank and cause it to oxidize. Also, if you’re storing the car for more than 30 days, be sure to add a fuel stabilizer.”

Finally, we let you know about our new security system that would keep boats and RVs safe:

Foothills Self Storage is Loveland, Colorado’s leading RV & boat storage facility. We have both protected and unprotected storage units that you can rent for a small monthly fee. Our staff members are well aware of the dangers of theft and vandalism, and because of this, we have upgraded our old security system with a new one! With our cameras and 24-7 surveillance by one of our properly trained employees, you can rest assured knowing that your property will be safe all night long.

That does it for our blog rundown. Next month we’ll have some spring reminders.