It’s a beautiful day here in Loveland, Colorado. What’s great about our storage facility is our commitment to you. We created this facility to match the needs from home owner to renter, hobbyists to businessmen and with our 565 units of varying sizes you’ll know you’re taken care of. Today, we’re going to shift gears a bit and give you some tips on some great storage ideas inside your camping trailer.


A variety of camping foods come in tin cans and many shapes and sizes. From beans to fruit, those cans are able to be repurposed for storage use. If you bring a lot of utensils with you, you might run out of drawer space or maybe your camping trailer doesn’t have any. A great DIY solution for this is to rinse out any food cans, mount them to your wall with a method of your choosing, and you have a perfect place to store utensils. You can paint or decorate the cans to add some eye pleasing color to an otherwise drab can.


Snacks are always great to bring on any trip. Chances are someone in your group drinks coffee and hopefully they take cream. When the coffee creamer bottle is empty rinse it out and take off the label. You can then fill the bottle with the snack of your choosing. If you have snacks that look similar to each other, use a label maker to give a clean identification for each snack.


This one requires a little more work. When you’re done with your cereal box you can make organizational dividers and holders for paper items you acquire along the way. You may grab a few maps from national parks or have backup copies of identifying information. Instead of stuffing that in your glove compartment, take a cereal box and cut it about half way to get two paper holders. You can get more creative with your cutting and painting skills to create a tiered organizational bin.

When you’re done traveling around the nation this summer, remember to bring your camping trailer to Foothills Self Storage. We’ll keep your camping trailer safe until your start your new adventure next summer. Until next time!