As residents of the great state of Colorado, we all know that the weather here can change on a dime. It’s not uncommon to start the week with a sunny, 60 degree day and end it with 2 feet of snow. If you’ve got a classic car, you know the weather can be a problem. Add to that the Department of Transportation using sand, salt and various liquid de-icers to keep the roads clear. All of this can add up to a mosaic of scratches. More often than not, it makes sense to keep your car in a safe place during frigid winter months. So if you’re looking for storage units in Loveland, we at Foothills Self Storage have a few tips to keep your classic pristine and secure.

First, remember that your number one enemy is moisture. To keep it at bay, make sure your fuel tank is full before dropping it off. While your car burns fuel, the tank drains and gas gets pumped through the fuel lines to the carburetor or injectors. When the fuel level drops, moisture can form on the inside of the tank walls. The moisture can react with the steel of the tank and cause it to oxidize. Also, if you’re storing the car for more than 30 days, be sure to add a fuel stabilizer.

So contact us today to arrange winter storage for your classic. We’ve added security cameras to our facility, and the buildings themselves have steel doors and are constructed from fire-resistant concrete block.