As your children grow to become adults, they begin to move out of the house. As that happens, the need for living in a large family sized home begins to dwindle. But after all of these years, you’ve collected memories and have acquired many belongings that have a perfect place in your home. But now that you’re living in an empty nest, it might be time that you’ve downsized. As you and your partner consider downsizing, you might ask yourself, where do we put all of our stuff? Here are some tips for making your downsizing a much easier task.

  1. Clean Out Your Closets – As you begin to think about moving, it will become very apparent that you own too much stuff. The best way to deal with this problem is to sort through your goods, and determine what is worthy of staying, and what should absolutely go.
  2. Garage Sale – Once you’ve sifted through your many belongings, you should hold a garage sale for anything that might still have some value. Anything that doesn’t get sold can be donated.
  3. Self Storage – Once you’ve cleaned everything out and sold what you could and you still have items that you can’t part with, but don’t have room for, you should place the rest in storage units.

If you’re struggling to find a place for those sentimental items but don’t have space in your downsized home, self-storage will serve you well. You can leave your belongings in our storage units in Loveland, that are also protected with security and surveillance, so that you know your items are always safe. Look into renting your storage unit at Foothills Self Storage today!