In part one of our blog, we examined a couple of things to inspect before you fill your tank. In part two, we’ll take talk about in-depth how to fill your propane tank! At Foothills Self Storage, we want to make your experience easy to navigate and customer-friendly! We want to be able to address all of your questions before you even ask them! Not only do we offer self-storage, but a propane fill station for your convenience!


Steps To fill Your Propane Tank At Our Storage Facility

  • When you approach the scale, ensure to set the sale to the full weight. If you’re unsure, you can locate the weight at the top of the tank that’s stamped “WC.”
  • Connect the dispenser nozzle to the tank and turn the valve on at the bottom to fill tank.
  • Open the bleeder valve at the very end of the nozzle, and turn it half-way. You’ll know the tank is full when fluid sprays from the bleeder port. You can also watch the weight as it approaches the maximum fill weight.
  • Close the bleeder valve and double check if there are any signs of leakage.

If you ever need any assistance, we’re happy to help here at Foothills Self Storage!