Keep Your Storage Unit Organized

Storage Units You’ve heard the saying before “organization is key,” and when it comes to your storage unit rental, this is absolutely true. Many people make mistakes in organizing their units, and sometimes cost themselves money, or even worse, memories. There are any ways to avoid this heartbreak, so we’ll break down the most helpful tips for organizing your storage unit.

My storage unit is temporary and I’ll hardly see it, who cares?!

You care.  Avoid a scenario in which you check on your stuff a year later to find that things have fallen over and broken other things, or that somehow water damage occurred. Protect yourself from the accidents that tend to happen in life. You never know what could happen.

How Can I Organize My Storage Rental?

  • Plastic Storage Containers – While using cardboard boxes for your belongings is more economic, they provide almost no protection for your belongings. Using plastic storage containers that are airtight will help protect your belongings from water if something should happen. It can also protect your items from getting crushed over time. Beyond that, they’re clear and you can see what each container has inside.
  • Make it accessible – As you’re stacking your boxes and arranging furniture, make sure there’s a small path to anywhere in the unit, so if you have to make frequent visits your unit, you can get to whatever it is that you need.

These are just three of many more tips to come, for organizing your storage rental. Stay tuned to our next blog for even more tips, and if you should have any questions, feel free to contact our storage facility in Loveland today!