Fall is here and with the new season comes colder, wet weather. While our storage units hold strong against the elements, it’s always best to do everything in your power to protect the valuable items in your unit. Here are some tips to get your self-storage unit in Loveland ready for the winter season.

  • Organization – Making sure all of your items are organized is important, but the boxes you organize your items in is important as well. Use watertight plastic pins to store your most important items. If unfortunate circumstances should occur, it will keep your belongings dry, but you can also see into the bins easily when you need to access them.
  • Remove Weather Sensitive Items – A prime example of weather sensitive items are musical instruments. A violin or guitar made from wood expands and contracts with changing temperatures which can cause the wood to crack or deform and will ruin the timbre of the instrument. We recommend never storing these items anywhere but your home.
  • Cover Furniture – Because drastic temperature changes can affect wood, it’s a good idea to cover your furniture with blankets or moving blankets. Keep these items from getting too cold and from low temperatures having a negative effect on the quality of the wood. You should also consider covering your furniture with a tarp to protect from water.

Before stocking your storage unit in Loveland with your belongings, we highly recommend using these tips to protect your valuable items. If you should have any questions about our self-storage, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.