In certain scenarios, using a storage rental unit is temporary — it can be the time in between moving or during a home remodel. In other situations, storing items is more long-term and differs from quickly packing and shoving items into a space. Many items actually need to be properly stored and packed with care to avoid damage from harsh temperatures.

Items that are temperature sensitive

Here in Colorado, the weather is unpredictable — it can go from a beautiful 60 degree day, to below 20 degrees and snowing in hours. These huge temperature swings can affect your belongings and potentially cause damage. The most susceptible items include:

  • Wood and leather furniture
  • Books
  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Instruments

For the items listed above, the proper temperature range is pretty specific, between 55 and 80 degrees fahrenheit with a humidity that is neither too dry nor too moist, and overall it it should always have consistency. A change in any of those variables can ruin precious belongings. But, the great news is, you can pack and prepare your storage unit to avoid these mishaps!

Read part two next months for all the tips and tricks to do so!

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