With labor day behind us, it’s safe to say that the summer season has come to an end. The warm weather has come and gone and the cooler days of Fall and Winter are coming for us. This means that boating season is also over, and for some, camping season is over as well. Every year, this season change is inevitable, however, not every RV and boat owner will know where to store their big toys at the end of the summer season.

If you’re one of those procrastinating boat or RV owners who is scrambling to find a place to store your big toy, don’t worry, Foothills Self Storage is here to help.


With Foothills self storage, you can depend on secure boat storage that will keep your boat safe from the elements, as well as thieves. Because we offer 24-hour security and full surveillance over the whole property, you can trust that your boat is in the best hands.


The same goes for your RV. If you need both of your big toys to be tucked away for the season, Foothills Self Storage also offer RV storage. You can trust that your oversized vehicle will be kept clean and free from potential thieves or vandals.


If you haven’t found somewhere that you can depend on for safe boat and RV storage, give the professionals at Foothills Self Storage. We can store your boat and RV, or anything other items you need to tuck away for the season. We also offer large sized self storage units, so you can have all your items all in one place. Call us today for rates on our units!