From all of us at Foothills Self-Storage, we wish you a happy new year! We know that with the new year comes many changes and you might need to visit your storage unit in Loveland more times this month than any other month.

With the new year in full swing, many of us are practicing better habits and tending to our resolutions. If you’re like us, one of the resolutions you made is to clean and organize your home and all of your belongings. As you begin to organize your home, you might see that you have way too many items in your house that you no longer use, or use very little. This is the perfect time to make a trip down to your self-storage unit to free-up some space in your home.

While your home may be in desperate need of reorganization, there’s a good chance that your storage space could also use some attention as well. When you make your first trip to your storage unit, make time to rearrange everything in it. We also recommend that you take time to reevaluate what it is you should keep and what items should go. Not only will this help you downsize, but you can make room in your self-storage for the things that you’re bringing from your home.

If you have resolved to downsize your belongings and are in need of a storage unit in Loveland, don’t hesitate to call us to reserve one. If you already have a storage space but need to organize it, then come on down. We look forward to seeing you!