Hello, Loveland!

The Colorado rain is gone and summer is here. You can finally get that boat out of storage and get it out on the lake. Here at Foothills Self Storage, we love our active summers, so we know the need for a place to keep all your recreational vehicles such as boats, RV’s, and four-wheelers. We have 24/7 video surveillance and a person on staff to view the video, your valuables and toys are even safer than if they were at your home. Let us do the dirty work for you by storing, securing, and monitoring your recreational vehicles. Here are a couple of our more important blog posts from the past year on boat and RV storage. We will give you important information about RV and boat storage with a couple of short excerpts from a couple of our finest posts and give you a link directly to those posts because you will want to read beyond the short excerpt that we’ve included for your convenience.

Storage Units in Loveland are a Great Source for Boat & RV Storage

“When it comes to boats, there are some popular places to enjoy them out on the water here in Loveland, Colorado. We have many different lakes and rivers to choose from that you could cast away on. The great part is is that you don’t need to travel very far to use your boat/raft or ducky either.”

Storage Units in Loveland for your Boat or RV

“We have self-storage units right here in your local town of Loveland, Colorado for you to use anytime.  Depending on how big your boat is that you have purchased to use this Summer, you might not be able to store it at your current home.  Don’t fret!  We have awesome covered storage that is completely secure with on-site management who is there 24-7, not to mention great lighting at night and an electric gate so you can have access to your boat at any time.”