If you use the space around your home more often than not, maybe it is time that you store your unused vehicles, RVs, trailers and boats at our trustworthy storage units in Loveland, Foothills Self Storage. Let’s face it, we run out of space quickly in and around the house. No matter how much space you have, it always seems to get filled up quickly. If you are tired of having a vehicle, a RV, a trailer or your boat hanging around your home without protection and in the way, visit our Loveland storage facility.

When you first come to Foothills Self Storage we know you will be wowed by the amount of security we have up and around our storage units. Loveland, Colorado isn’t known for theft, but you never know when someone might try to steal something you love.  With our manager on guard 24-7, you can trust that at our public storage all of your belongings will be safe from harm.

If you are curious in the sizes of our storage units, know that we have any size that you could possibly imagine to store your big trailers, boats, cars or RVs in. Keep in mind that if you want your vehicles protected that we have covered storage available as well. Our self storage units can provide exactly what you are looking for here in Loveland, Colorado. Visit us online now to learn more about us! Please feel free to ask us any unanswered questions.