Preparing to sell your home can be a stressful time. Between taking care of the finishing touches,  scheduling showings, and the overall upkeep that comes with having a house on the market, it can be a lot to handle. Beyond that, the stress of waiting to find a buyer can be a lot to take on as well. While this can be a time of high stress, it can also be an exciting time. Once your house has sold, it means it’s time to find another place to live, whether it’s renting or buying.

Once you’ve gone through selling your home and purchasing a new one, you might find yourself in real estate limbo. You have to be out of your current home by the end of the month, but can’t move into your new home until the middle of the next month, so what should you do?

Your first step is to find a storage unit. Finding somewhere for you to stay for two weeks can be easy, as you only have to worry about a few of your belongings and yourself. But when it comes to your furniture and other belongings, they need a place to go as well, and that place can be storage. Using a storage unit for the time as you close on one home and move into a new home will make for an easy transition, and if you own large sports equipment like a boat, you can store it at the same storage facility in Loveland.

If you find yourself stuck between closings be sure to call our storage unit in Loveland to reserve a space for your belongings. Call us for your own storage space today.