It’s Time to Visit Your Storage Unit

It’s true! The holiday season is finally upon us! As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s time to stop by your storage unit in Loveland to load and unload some things. Here are a few reasons you need to make your seasonal visit to your storage unit today.

With the holiday season having arrived, it’s time to bust out the holiday decorations. Just think about everything you have in storage at the moment that you need to decorate with.

  • Gift Boxes – Getting the most out of the holidays means saving wrapping paper and boxes from the year before, but that also means storing them. Make sure you remember to bring home your gift boxes from storage.
  • Ornaments – Over the years the Christmas tree ornaments begin to collect, so much so that you have boxes full of them and they must be put into storage. Obviously, you will need to pick these up, as well as the rest of your tree decorations.

Beyond decorations to pick up from your storage unit, you might have some things to take to your storage unit to make room for holiday festivities. For example, you might have to move some furniture around if you’re hosting a big dinner, which means you might have to take some things to storage. Make room for a large dinner table or your Christmas tree by dropping off other pieces of furniture in storage for the time being.


Stop by your self-storage unit in Loveland to prepare for the holidays. If you don’t currently have a storage rental and need to make some room in your home, come down to Foothills Storage to reserve your unit today!