Figuring out where to store your RV or boat can be a difficult task to handle. While you may want to keep your boat or RV stored at your own home, it isn’t the best way to store these large vehicles. Some neighborhoods don’t approve of storing large vehicles on the street, and not all homes come built with RV storage on the side. There are a multitude or reasons to use a storage unit facility for storing your boat or RV, but here are the top three:


  1. Security – Storage Facilities often have more security on their premise than you do at your home. With a security guard and 24 hour surveillance, your boat, RV or trailer will always be monitored and safe from vandalism or theft.
  2. You can avoid HOA fees – Many neighborhoods prohibit the storage of large vehicles, like boats and RV’s, in the street and will fine homeowners that do not follow the code. With RV storage, you can be sure that your vehicle is not only covered and secure, but you also won’t get hit with a hefty HOA fine.
  3. It’s convenient – Having a large vehicle in front of your home is not only an eyesore, but it’s in the way. By using boat and RV storage, you can conveniently have access to your vehicle when you want to use it,  without having to deal with it sitting in front of your home.

Storing your boat or RV at a storage facility offers security for your vehicle, as well as convenience for your home. If you’re looking to store your RV, boat or large trailer, contact Foothills Self-Storage and they will be happy to get you a storage unit!