It’s getting to be the end of summer, and for many, this is the most exciting time of year for many reasons. It means that Fall is on the way, which also means that some of the best holidays of the year are quickly approaching.  Holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving will grace our calendars this fall, as they do every year, and it is definitely in your best interest to head to your storage unit to clean it out, organize, and get your home ready to be decorated for the approaching season.  Like most self-storage renters, you have probably forgotten about many of the things that you have in your storage unit, which is why we recommend going to clean it out. Here are some other reasons to clean your storage unit.


  1. Make Room For Summer Decor – From Fourth of July decor, to the large tea and lemonade carafes that you have, it would be helpful to tuck these items away for the colder seasons ahead.
  2. Save Money – Once you get into your storage unit, you’ll probably find tons of useful things that you would want to use for the coming holidays. From Halloween decorations in the Fall, to the Christmas decorations in the Winter, remembering which items you have will help to prevent you from buying more decor that you don’t need.
  3. Gain Access to the Whole Unit – Going to clean your unit can give you an idea of things you absolutely don’t need. Clear all of the clutter and unused items and you’ll find better paths throughout your unit, making it much easier to get access to all of your belongings.

Head to your public storage unit in Loveland to declutter and prepare for the coming holidays today!